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Our Mission

Our mission is to remove health issues as barriers to self-sufficiency for homeless women, and as impediments to development and readiness to learn for homeless children, by providing free healthcare and health information that is easily accessible. Becoming self-sufficient by finding a job and affordable housing is the most effective way out of homelessness. But unattended health issues can cause and will prolong homelessness.

Our collaborative partnership with the Salvation Army Center of Hope, the region's largest shelter for women and children, puts us in a very unique position to make a significant positive impact. The free clinic is embedded within the shelter. Most shelter residents do not have any money or Medicaid. Most have multiple, unattended health issues. Without the free clinic their conditions would progressively get worse.

Or they would call 911 and go to the Emergency Room with health issues that are not emergencies. As a result they do not receive the care that is truly needed for their health issue. For example, chronic diseases of hypertension and diabetes require regular follow-up and monitoring. The ER is not the place to receive this kind of continuous care. And nonemergency visits take up valuable hospital system time and resources. An estimated $800,000 annually is saved in unrecoverable ER costs due to the presence of the clinic within the shelter. The homeless women and children of the Center of Hope shelter truly rely on the free clinic for their healthcare.


Uniquely Qualified

Shelter Health Services is the specialist in providing healthcare to homeless women and children. Our clinic is uniquely positioned and qualified to make a significant impact. Our model of delivering the services to the people who need them the most, have the least access, and cannot afford to pay for them, is very distinctive and innovative.

Location/Impact. Embedded within the shelter that houses the largest concentration of homeless women and children in the County.

Accessibility. Our walk-in clinic is conveniently located within the shelter where our clients live. No appointments are needed. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 6:00. Unlimited number of visits offers continuity of care.

Totally free.  Responding to our clients' lack of money and Medicaid, all services are provided free of any charges, including nursing and provider care, diagnostic labs, tests and screens, prescriptions and OTC medications, immunizations, chronic disease management and health information. 

Nonduplicated services. Few clients could seek healthcare at other facilities/providers. Lacking Medicaid, the network of Medicaid services and providers are not available. Lacking money, fee-for-service and sliding scale clinics are unaffordable. Without the free clinic, these women and children would truly lack access to healthcare.

Holistic approach. Early Detection, Aversion & Prevention is our overarching approach to care. Having lacked access to healthcare, our clients have many health issues. Early Detection battery of tests and screens verify existing issues and identify percolating issues below the surface. Aversion detects early signs of issues and initiates interventions to stop issue onset. Prevention keeps other issues from occurring or getting worse via health information, immunizations and disease management.    


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of professionals from a variety of industries including medical, banking, construction, education, consulting, marketing and entrepreneurial. We thank each for their time and services in setting the vision of the clinic and providing active oversight.


William K. Cody, RN, PhD, CNE, FAAN
Chair Emeritus
David A. Pearson, MD
 Board Chair
Maura Atwater
 Vice Chairr
Suzanne Johnson
Steve Keeble
Laura Hays, MD
Co-Medical Director
E. Parker Hays, Jr., MD
Co-Medical Director
Michelle Carr, RN
Clinic Supervisor
Monica Able Abena Akomeah, MD
Clyde Alexander, MBA Carolyn Allison, MPH
Dee Baldwin, RN, PhD, FAAN Doris Bowman
Michelle Burba Alan Chadd
Susan Carr Barbara Ferguson, RN, MSN, PhD

Bliss Green

Stephanie McDonald

Jillian Niles

Wendy Shanahan

Kelly Yarborough, NP

Carolyn Lovejoy

Deronda Metz

Tracy Petleski, PhD

Christine Waggoner

Michael Sowyak (non-voting)
Executive Director




Michael Sowyak
Executive Director

Our values are embodied in:


Located within the shelter for easy access


Demonstrate profound respect in everything we do


Whatever information is needed to enhance quality of life


Tangible services that otherwise would not be available


From where they are now toward where they hope and strive to be tomorrow

360 Degree Healthcare

Our unique holistic approach

Shelter Health Services
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